Very early I discovered my talent and love for art. As a kid drawing helped me to share my sight of the world. I prefered to use a simple pencil and sketched nearly everything.

Time passed by and started to get more and more in digital photography. By this way I developed my first skills for composition and an understandment for exposure, as well to use it as an advantage.  It was cheap, simple but it was the way how everone could do it. So I started to do my first shots on film with my dads old Olympus OM-10. Even if there was an exposure meter built in I had to face the ground of facts that film photography is more than just pressing a shutter. So by this time photography became a big part of my life. I read a lot of books, started to experiment with filters and other simple hacks. Film photography became like science to me and I wanted to discover everything. 

As more advanced I became as more did my processes in photography. With developing my first wet plate I did something that others have made 150 years before. So with a process like that I was basically at the beginning of photography in general. Photography as an craft. 
This is my understandment of photography - an handiwork.


- Collabo Vernissage "Aufgehängt" | 5th of May 2017 in Graz


- Reininghaus | August 2020