Meanwhile Somewhere In Eastern Europe

Kind a busy the last two years, but there will be more posts in the next time. After one year of a total pause in photography I'm back and I'm motivated as never before. So let's start.

Currently my family and I spend some holidays outside of Austria. I'm totally in love with abandoned places so I'm specially looking for them, when I'm somewhere. This time I got kind a lucky and already found a couple of spots with the help of my wife. It's the third day and I'm already running out of film. Reminder for the next time: Take as much film with you as possible!

On the first day I took some photographs of a bulding that was used as a stage for outdoor events. As I found out, they already try a long time to do something with it and awake it with new life but unsuccessfully. This building already cost me a roll of film. We moved on and on the next day there was this old factory on my list. When I saw it I was stunned. Yes this was exactly what I was looking for.

So I set up my camera, measured the exposure and controlled the composition. First picture was captured when I suddenly heared some voices from the outside. Damn it. Someone was here. But who could that be? Some sprayers, junkies, the police? The voices came closer, when I saw a guy phoning, when he saw me he just greeted me and wanted to rush on. I asked him, if it's okay to take pictures here and I won't destroy anything. He just laughed and said: "Don't worry, it's already everything destroyed." We talked for a while and he told me about the history of the factory. His father worked here and in the moment he is the only one who is living here. I'm not sure why he is here, maybe because he has not to pay any rent or he needs his space, I don't know.

So I moved one and took some other pictures when he came back and asked me if I want to see something interesting. Of course I agreed. We moved outside and went inside the building on the opposite side of the areal. He showed me a room with a lot of wooden crafts in there. So this was his workspace and his passion. Manufacturing hearts and lamps out of wood he finds. So he had a great acceptance for art. We talked a little bit when he suddenly gave me one of his selfmade crafts as a present. I didn't know what to say. First I denied but he told me that he likes nice people and so it would be an honour to give it to me. So we brought it to my car and I thanked him again. I promised him as soon I have a print from this place I'll send him one.

Camera Set-Up outside of the factory

After saying goodbye I spent another two hours there and took nearly 40 photos on 120 roll film and on 35mm. Great location, I'll definetly come back. The results of this session will be soon posted. -P

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