Thoughts about "KERNÖL" and missing chances

Kernöl is the german word for pumpkin seeds oil and is traditionally made in Styria. The state capital is Graz, where I lived for about 3 years. The series of photographs I made there is titled Kernöl.

At this time, in the end of 2018, I was mainly interested in street photography.

I walked around with my 35mm camera a lot and usually had like two additional lenses with me. One wide, one standard and one tele lens. I could reach my work in 35min by walking, so I did that a couple of times and most of my photos from this series were made like that. I didn't thought to include them in any kind of series because I enlarged about 4 pictures but when I looked in my archieve a couple of weeks ago, I found a lot of workable negatives that document perfectly my time there.

Sometimes it's just the simple day routines that help us to find something worth to be captured. A moment that will never come back. Keep that in mind. It won't be the same the next day or in 5min.

I can't tell you how often I missed a chance or how many times I got upset, because of a picture I didn't make. Sometimes you just can't do it for several reasons but the most times I just thought it's not the right picture. Let me tell you something: If something gets your attention it's worth to be photographed. So grab your camera and take that picture.

Even if you look at your negatives as soon as they are developed and you are not happy with the result, think about it, why you don't like it and write a note.

Is the composition bad, did you forget to set the exposure correctly or did the sujet move and now the angle is not as you head it in mind?

Whatever its going to be, this helps you to improve instead of being annoyed of yourself for missing a chance.

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