Black And White Reversal Process

I ordered the Adox Scala Kit a while ago, but I didn’t use it yet. I thought it might be a bit complicated but well these were my exact same concerns before I developed C41 again a couple weeks ago. So yesterday in the evening I just tried it. I shortly finished a roll of Adox CMS 20II so I had a fitting film for my first attempt in reversal process.

There is an instruction booklet included so the steps are well explained. Because there is only the Scala 50 and Scala 160 mentioned I guessed the right development for the CMS 20II. I took the temperature at 22° and developed for 14min. Fist minute continuous agitation and then every minute 3 times. The whole agitation shouldn’t be too harsh, especially for the bleaching. All other times I took out of the booklet for the Scala 50. So what are the steps?

  • First development – 14min

  • Washing – 3min

  • Bleaching – 4min 30sek

  • Washing – 3min

  • Clear Bath – 3min

  • Washing – 3min

After that I was ready for the exposure. I took a 150 Watt lamp and put it in a distance of about 45cm over a water filled mess cylinder. This process took 2min then I had to change the reel upside down and another two minutes of exposure are followed.

After that you re-use the developer from the first time and give it another 6min. As soon as the time is over, the film is completely processed. I gave it an additional wash, fixage and the final wash. Now the reversal process was really finished.

The results are not bad. Some of the photos are overexposed this results from probably wrong light measurement. Maybe the development temperature was too high. The next time I’ll try it with 20°.

Conclusion: Honestly it’s super easy to get any kind of results. Now it will be interesting how you can influence the process to get better or different kind of results.

But the only that bothered me was that it was really time consuming. It took nearly an hour to develop a roll of film which could be done in a normal b&w process in about 20min.

It will be interesting how the images look projected. Let’s be stunned.

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