Purple Rain and C41

I mainly shoot B&W but from time to time there find a roll of color film a way into one of my cameras. I shot this year three color films. One 35mm standard color film and two LomoChrome Purple films. This is my absolute favorite color film. If you don’t know it you need to try it. It gives psychedelic colors to your images. You can shoot it between ISO 100 to 400. I mainly shoot it on 100 because I think this is how to get the most out of it. Absolute stunning results but this is just my opinion. The rolls sat for nearly 4 months on the shelf and waited for the moment after they were shot with my Revueflex 5000. The first time after, I think 3 years, I home developed some color film.

I used a standard C41 kit made by Tetenal. Honestly I had it much more complicated in my mind as it was. The kit came with 6 bottles of concentrate, enough to make one liter of working solution. At first, I put all bottles in the sink to warm up a little. Why I did that? Well it’s cold outside and of course I wanted to develop some films directly after I received the parcel from the courier.

So I brought the concentrates on

temperature. In the meanwhile the whole tank was filled with water att ogether and filled the rest up with water and I controlled during the filling the temperature over and over again. After 5 minutes of soaking in water I filled the last drops of water to the color part so I had the correct temperature. Water out of the tank, color developer in and let’s go. Same thing with BX and stabilizer. After a bit more than 30 minutes I got my rolls developed.

The shelf time is something like 6 months, so I need to shoot some more color film.

I’m really happy that it turned out as it is.

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